Dylan’s ‘Murder Most Foul’ Released on the Eve of Another Corporate Coup

John Dissed
7 min readMar 30, 2020
Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

Bob Dylan chose the perfect time to release his 17-minute single, “Murder Most Foul”, about the right-wing, fascist coup d’etat that was the conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Because we are facing a similar fate today in slow motion.

No one will die, unless you count the thousands of civilian and US military deaths thanks to the likely continuation of our perpetual war state since 9/11.Or the millions who will die from Coronavirus and other misfortunes due to lack of healthcare in the coming years if we fail to enact Medicare for All, or something similar to insure everyone.

We’ve already got someone here to take your place

Dylan didn’t wait until the body was cold to release the song. Senator Bernie Sanders, the first progressive candidate with an actual shot at winning a U.S. presidential election since Robert Kennedy, could still take the Democratic Party nomination should voters wake up in time to the ultimate dirty trick that is being performed before their eyes.

The Democrats (democratic in name only) have propped up the only corporate-sponsored candidate with enough name recognition to get votes without any sort of plan, despite that candidate’s obvious early onset of dementia. Insiders are already talking about replacing Joe Biden with another corporate-friendly establishment Democrat at the convention, despite the fact that he has not yet secured the nomination.

Not since JFK have we had a progressive-leaning president in the oval office. If you research it, you will find that the things Kennedy fought for as president, and likely died for, were similar to much of Senator Sanders’ platform: Universal health care, civil rights, workers’ rights, affordable education, and opposition to the Military Industrial Complex.

Although Bernie Sanders is no JFK. He Russiagated right along with the rest of the Democratic Party, adding fuel to the fire that is the New Cold War with Russia, while Kennedy fought to end the original Cold War.

But despite Bernie’s lacking in great foreign policy ideas, the hardest working peace activist I know of, David Swanson, has been convinced enough by Sanders’ 2020 statements on peace to endorse him this year.

The death of Bernie Sanders in the media (as well as that of fellow Democratic Party candidate and grassroots fundraiser Tulsi Gabbard), is one reason the powers that be don’t need to resort to assassination anymore to keep progressives out of office.

If they can’t catch them in a sordid sexual affair or an over-the-top campaign scream, they can “McCarthy-smear” or “identity politic” them to death. Or they can flat out lie about them, as CNN’s Jake Tapper did when he claimed without evidence that Sanders’ Medicare for All plan was more expensive than our current system, or when article after article said that the Russians were helping his campaign.

Was a matter of timing and the timing was right

It’s impossible to know if we will have another chance in our lifetime to break from the corrupt corporate rule that took power the fateful November day our president’s head was blown off in broad daylight. But it can’t be denied that we are weeks away from losing our first chance since the Kennedys at having a leader with a true progressive agenda. It’s been 57 and 52 years respectively since Jack and Bobby were gunned down by the same forces that have worked diligently to “disappear” Bernie and Tulsi from the mainstream consciousness.

Could Dylan be aware and have thought about this when choosing to release the song at this pivotal moment?

Is his song a magic bullet of its own, aimed at the corrupt, paid-off, stenographers to power that are CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The Hill, Politico, Mother Jones, Democracy Now! and so many other entities masquerading as news that continue to perpetuate official lies and propaganda, working against the American people every day?

Because this Democrat Party coup could not take place without the full cooperation of the “liberal” media.

The same kind of hold our two major political parties have over the corporate and pseudo-alternative media today, the CIA had in the ’50s and ’60s via Operation Mockingbird, which infiltrated almost every media organization to discredit the civil rights and anti-war movements, or anyone who happened to question the official Oswald “lone nut” theory.

From the Church Committee’s final report, published in April of 1976:

Approximately 50 of the [Agency] assets are individual American journalists or employees of U.S. media organizations. Of these, fewer than half are “accredited” by U.S. media organizations … The remaining individuals are non-accredited freelance contributors and media representatives abroad … More than a dozen United States news organizations and commercial publishing houses formerly provided cover for CIA agents abroad. A few of these organizations were unaware that they provided this cover.

That same year, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations declared in their own final report “that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”

Kennedy’s killers were the same fascists who refuse to oppose the demonstrable vulnerability of electronic voting, voter role purging, and countless other dirty tricks activated during every election to disenfranchise poor and working-class voters all over America today. These forces know no party. No country. They are all part of the same imperial corporate machine of death, apart from their exaggerated partisan leanings.

It’s vile and deceitful, it’s cruel and it’s mean / Ugliest thing that you ever have seen

And even if Bernie were to get the nomination by some miracle and go on to win the general election, because of the JFK assassination, documented in living color on Dallas dressmaker Abraham Zapruder’s grotesque home movie, all that needs to happen are a few subtle adjustments to a president’s secret service protection dial to instigate threats big enough to get the results they want.

Some possible examples:

· 1994: A stolen plane crashes into the Clinton White House.

· 2009: Two uninvited guests are allowed into an Obama White House state dinner.

· 2011: During a trip to Australia, Obama’s private itinerary is found in a Canberra gutter, obviously left there by someone on his Secret Service team.

· 2014: In September, a man named Omar Gonzalez jumps over the White House fence and actually makes it through the front door with a pocketknife and a message for the President. This is his third related incident, as he was stopped walking along the White House lawn with a hatchet in his pocket in August, and following a high-speed chase in July, several assault rifles and 800 rounds of ammunition were found in his car, along with a map of DC with the White House circled.

Lone nut, you say?

Pick up the pieces and lower the flags

I’ve often wondered why Bob Dylan abandoned his political anti-war songwriting not long after the Kennedy assassination.

The truth is, contrary to popular belief, there weren’t very many protest songs written in the Vietnam era. Thanks to CIA meddling, the kids were too busy turning on, tuning in, and dropping out to think about activism. And just in case anyone got any ideas, all the idealistic political leaders of note were publicly executed in cold blood.

Then the decade was topped off with the 1969 Manson murders and Altamont stabbing (also performed by “security” forces), ultimately discrediting the hippie movement altogether by tainting it with blood.

Thanks to the brilliant work of the late Dave McGowan, we now know that, unlike his contemporary Joan Baez, Dylan was one of few mainstream “anti-establishment” artists of the ’60s that didn’t have familial ties to military brass or intelligence. Whether unbeknownst to him or not, he was surrounded by spooks and it was probably smart of him to lay low for 57 years and keep his thoughts on JFK to himself. I’m grateful he’s spoken out now, although it is probably futile.

What it does do is to add another layer of legitimacy to his life’s work, because telling the truth about JFK takes courage, and is something very few celebrities are willing to do. Just ask Marilyn Manson, Stephen King and Tom Hanks, to name a few.

Any hope that the song would spark some conversation about all of this in the mainstream media was quashed the day it came out. One need not go much further than Rolling Stone’s review of the song, which despite a title claiming that “this is the song we need right now”, basically just lists the lyrics’ pop culture references and avoids any historical significance whatsoever.

NPR sums it up thusly: “At almost 17 minutes, ‘Murder Most Foul’ is Dylan’s longest song. The lyrics are sometimes playful, especially in its final minutes, but overall this is Dylan at his most incisive and cutting.”

We can’t know the truth about Dylan’s timing, but either way, I think it’s prescient.

Whether or not Bernie Sanders could get anything done as President in this post-JFK assassination world, I think it’s wise to take the shot and elect him because we might not get a chance again for another 57 years.